5 Things You Can't Include in an International Moving

5 Things You Can't Include in an International Moving | D-Log

5 Things You Can't Include in an International Moving

Moving abroad is an exciting and challenging experience. At D-Log, as experts in international movings, we understand the complexities and specific requirements involved in moving your belongings from one country to another. One of the most critical issues to consider is what items cannot be included in your international moving. In this blog, we will answer five key questions to help you navigate this process efficiently and without setbacks.


Can I bring perishable food on an international moving?

Including perishable food in an international moving is not recommended. Fresh, frozen, and other perishable products can deteriorate during transportation due to temperature fluctuations and possible transit delays. Moreover, many countries have strict regulations on the importation of food to prevent the introduction of pests and diseases.

Transporting perishable food can lead to customs issues, including the confiscation of products or significant fines. Even if you manage to pass customs, the quality and safety of the food may be compromised after a long transit period. It’s best to consume or donate these items before moving. If you have non-perishable food you wish to take, first check the specific regulations of the destination country and consider the space and weight restrictions of your shipment.

There are also alternatives for those who want to bring home flavors to their new destination. Research if you can find local versions of your favorite foods or if there are specialty stores that import these products. You can also consider sending non-perishable foods separately through international parcel services.


Are plants and plant products allowed for transport?

Most countries impose severe restrictions on the importation of plants and plant products to protect their local flora and fauna. Plants can harbor insects or diseases that are not native to the destination country and could cause significant environmental damage. Before attempting to transport any plants, it is essential to consult the regulations of the destination country. In most cases, it is more practical to leave the plants behind or seek local alternatives once settled.


Can I include flammable and chemical products in my moving?

Transporting flammable and chemical products in an international moving is prohibited. Items like paints, solvents, aerosols, cleaning products, and other hazardous materials pose a significant risk during transportation and are subject to strict international regulations. These products are dangerous not only due to their potential to cause fires or explosions but also because of the possible environmental and health damages they can cause if spilled or released.

In addition to the inherent risks, many moving companies and airlines have strict policies prohibiting the transport of these materials. If you need to bring cleaning products or other chemicals to your new home, it is better to buy them locally once you arrive at your destination. This not only ensures compliance with international regulations but also minimizes the risks associated with transporting hazardous materials.


What should I know about transporting weapons and ammunition?

Transporting firearms and ammunition is highly regulated and often prohibited in international movings. Each country has its own laws regarding the importation of weapons, and these regulations are usually very strict. If you own firearms, it is crucial to research the laws of the destination country and preferably contact local authorities for specific guidance. Often, the safest option is to leave these belongings in the country of origin.


Is it possible to transport jewelry and valuables?

Although technically possible, it is not recommended to include jewelry and valuables in an international moving. These items are susceptible to loss, theft, and damage during transportation. Instead, it is advisable to carry these items with you in your hand luggage or use specialized secure transport services for high-value items. Always ensure you have a detailed inventory and adequate insurance for these goods.


At D-Log, our priority is to make your international moving as smooth and stress-free as possible. Understanding what items you cannot include in your moving is essential to avoid customs issues and ensure your belongings arrive at their destination in perfect condition. If you have more questions or need personalized assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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