Air transport

• General Cargo • Special projects • Oversized equipment • Charters, partial, total • International moving

Marine transport

• FCL: Containers of 20' 40' High Cube, Flat Rack, OT • LCL (Less than Container Load) • Break bulk • Special Projects • International Moving

International courier and purchases

• Urgent shipments by airplane and postal traffic • Warehouse in Miami Florida; storage services, consolidation, inventories, administration for charges of any kind and courier • Import and export under urgent shipments mode by airplane and postal traffic, related services like pickup, packing, (repack your shipments) • Custom formalities • Delivery and distribution in main cities

Frequent Questions

•What is the mode of urgent deliveries (COURIER)?

By this method, DIAN may authorise without any prior process, the direc delivery to the user, of determined goods that the require as personal products or they fulfil the characteristics for this type of importation.

•What types of products can i bring under this mode of importation?

All type of products that under the following characteristics:

Weight: Less than 50kg
Dimensions for every size can't overpass 1.20 meters in any of its sides Maximum commercial value: USD 2000

•Does a PO BOX with DLOG Express have a cost?

The service of an international and administration PO BOX is FREE.

•If i have a shipment i want to import it. Does it have restrictions under the mode of Courier? In what way could i import it?

In case your shipping has any restriction or overpass the weight or value declared D-Log will take care transport the goods by air or maritime and the customs clearance at destination.

•How does it take to deliver the package?

The time of delivery since the goods are recieved by our warehouse in Miami until your destiny is approximately 3 days

•What restrictions do exist in this important mode?

The following are products, are prohibited for its entry to Colombia. If you want to know more about,
this information please contact us.

Money in every coin, jewellery with gold, articules of high value like art pieces or archeologically objects.

Food of any type and alcoholic drinks, medicines, or natural preparations for human consume.

Alive or dead animals, non-treated skins, natural plants.

Guns or any type or its components, knives, Jack-knifes, supplies, included war toys,

Pornographic Material

Compressed gases, flammable articles, paintings, aerosols, tear gas hair spray or deodorants also in spray

Flammable products, toxics, corrosives, oxidants, matches

Instrumental for medic, glass

Material falsificated "piracy"

The rules and entities regulate with administrative permanent or transitory restrictions, requiring clearances, licensing or permits.

International moving and household

• We do all paperwork for you in origin and destination • Packing (specialized packing to ensure the integrity of your household) • Delivery service, unpacking and collection of waste material • International insurance • Storage


• I.D. Copy

• Passport and visa copy with Notary stamps

• Rut

• 2 Responsability letters

• Letter with reason why are you leaving the country

• Circular 170

• Security agreement

• Knowledge Format Customs broker

• Power of Attorney

• Vuce POA

• Air Ticket or Check IN copy

• Resident copy

• If there are pictures, it's important to notify them as it requires approval of the good of the ministry of culture (8 days in advance)

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International Courier and Purchases

If you have problems with the shopping in your online favourite stores or simply want our company to do the shopping process, D-LOG Express can do that for you.

How it works

1. Go to your favourite online store
2. Select your product
3. Add it to shopping cart
4. Follow the instructions of the webpage and put your name, e-mail and the shipping address of D-Log Express (1770 NW 96AVE, DORAL, FL, Zip Code: 33172)
5. Please send an e-mail with your purchase confirmation to: [email protected]
6. Our costumer service Departament will contact you to keep you informed of the tracking of your purchase until the goods be delivered to your door.

Logistic Services

• Import Procedures • Special Regimes • Vallejo Plan • Free Trade Zone • Custom Warehouses • Inventory Handling • Local distribution